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DIKO Free <b>DIKO Free</b>. Diko is a video converter : it converts many kind of video to fit a DVD-R as DVD-Video or a CD as SVCD.

DIKO is an automation tool : it command many other software to get the best result in this conversion. It&#8217;s like a super speciallized robot that does the all the calculations, decides what is best qualitywise and gives the right orders to all tools, aiming to get excellent video quality.

DIKO is 100% freeware, and everything it needs is also freeware and bundled in the install package. It is fully functional and can be used forever. It&#8217;s also updated from time to time with new features and bugfixes.

Features :

Support for AVI and D2V source files.

Comes bundled with all application needed to start doing video conversions.

Uses FreeEnc as standard encoder, but can be used with virtually any CLI encoder, such as CCE SP, QuEnc, HC, AQE, Tmpgenc. Supports OPV mode encoding and has very accurated prediction routines for fast high quality encodes.

All the calculations regarding bitrate, audio space etc are handles automatically

Do automatically framerate standard when needed, including audio and subtitles. This feature also works with 5.1 audio.

Join 2-CD DivX / XVid movies on the fly.

Can use many files in one conversion

Automatic DVD authoring with user-created menu via DIKO Menu Author or DVDStyler, both bundled in DIKO.

Conversion from PAL 25 fps to NTSC 29.97 fps without frame blending via DGPulldown.

Do AC3 audio encoding via SoftEncode or MP2 audio encoding via BeSweet

Convert frequency, sample rate and other audio parameters automatically.

Full avisynth script support, comes with two very good scripts for DivX sources.

DVD support via D2V projects

Can output 4:3 or 16:9 and does automatically aspect ratio conversion and resizing.

Best Resolution Finder in OPV mode.

Available in many languages

Crash Recovery

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