Tuesday, February 26, 2008

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File Synchronizer <b>File Synchronizer</b>. Great for synchronizing large collections of media files such as MP3s, Videos, etc&#8230; without copying every file. Save time by only copying the files that are new or different. Use &#8220;Clone Mode&#8221; to synchronize a folder to match a master folder.

Friends swap music and videos all the time. Why not synchronize? Get the files your friend has and you don&#8217;t, and give your friends the files that you have and they don&#8217;t, all without the need to copy the entire collection and without keeping track of what files you&#8217;ve recently added. Works with external drives and computers connected over wired or wireless networks.

Also works as a great backup utility. Backup only the files that have changed for speedy backups.

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File Synchronizer


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