Wednesday, March 5, 2008

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Car Racing Deluxe <b>Car Racing Deluxe</b>. The game Car Racing Deluxe is right what you need if you are so far tired of those numerous Car Racing remakes. In this Free Car Racing Game you will not only have to take a ride like the wind and show the masterclass, but you will have to snatch your life out of the fiery lava mouth and shift from scorching meteorites.

Meteorites rain have taken down a small town where you lived in and your last chance is the only one spared car. You are moving to the neighboring city, but the disaster is chasing you. There is no way back, the fiery lava is breathing right behind your back and it won&#8217;t be slow in swallowing you up if you become heedless, and the meteorites rain is becoming heavier, you must react really quickly.

Meanwhile meteorites start to fall onto other cities and you can watch the results of their fall on your way: trees uprooted, posts crooked and a lot of crashed abandoned cars. A heap of obstacles and the sea of adrenaline is waiting for you along the road. Don&#8217;t forget to pick up bonuses; they will help you to cope with the nature. The weapon is very important, or you won&#8217;t be able to get through the scrap heaps which are all that&#8217;s left of your yesterday&#8217;s beautiful surroundings. The game will be interesting even to the most demanding racers, enhanced by outstanding graphics taking you inside the animated world.

Features :

Outstanding animated graphics

Full screen and window modes

Light-hearted background music and sound effects

Keyboard and Mouse control

Free Car Racing Game World&#8217;s Highscore Table

User-friendly Interface

Install / Uninstall Support

Life-time technical support

Non-violent and fun for all ages

System Requirements :

Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP or better

Pentium 200mhz or better

64 Mb RAM

15 MB hard drive space

800&#215;600 display resolution mode or higher

High or true color highly recommended

DirectX 5.0 or better

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Car Racing Deluxe

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