Friday, February 15, 2008

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Lyricsnapper <b>Lyricsnapper</b>. Lyricsnapper is a free tool that retrieves lyrics from the internet. It can be used in two ways. By itself, you can enter the artist name, and song title and the lyrics for that song will appear.

However, the most useful way to use this tool is as an add-on to iTunes. When connected to iTunes, it will automatically download lyrics as songs are playing. It also has the option to automatically save all your lyrics to your iTunes library as songs are played.

This iTunes add-on can update the &#8220;Info&#8221; of your iTunes track to include the lyrics. You can modify the lyrics that are returned as a search, and save those to your iTunes library.

Features :

Retrieves lyrics of your favorites songs from the internet.

Can Automatically update the lyrics in your iTunes library.

Accurate lyrics through the use of LyricWiki as well as a search engine.

Shows up to 10 results.

Integrates with iTunes.

Updates the lyrics in your iTunes library.

Easy to use.

Requirements : .NET Framework 2.0

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