Tuesday, February 19, 2008

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Hypertext Builder 2006 <b>Hypertext Builder 2006</b>. Hypertext Builder 2006 offers a suite of features for authoring simple web pages to complex data-driven web sites. It aims to provide a combination of coding features, visual tools, reference components, and integrated utilities for aiding in all aspects of web site creation.

Hypertext Builder 2006 is feature-dense. It is worth going through the alphabetic list of all the tools within the &#8220;Tools&#8221; menu in order to get aquainted with Hypertext Builder&#8217;s capabilities. It is also worth exploring the &#8220;Settings&#8221; dialog to see how to tweak and enhance your coding experience.

As a freeware application that can be installed on any desktop PC or server, Hypertext Builder 2006 is a handy &#8220;swiss-army&#8221; knife to have at your disposal.

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Hypertext Builder 2006


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